czwartek, 26 kwietnia 2012


I've decided to write my blog in english. First of all, because of I have to exercise language, before classes in eng, and secondly, for not everyone to understand. I want to begin, or no, even continue my new "no more eat" habbit. Maybe everything of this sounds strange or funny, but it's important to ME. And that's what counts :)

I can't check my weight right now, mabe I will at home, in about few or more days. Friday, maybe Saturday. I should wright BA thesis now, ughh... It's sooo sunny outside! ;| I want to go out! I feel horrible, when realize, that neither I went out, nor write any sensible word. It's soo depressing... And I lost another day finally. Great.

I'll try to put some photos here whet 'll get them from friend tommorrow. Take care!


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